Visiting Family Peachtree

Because not everyone knows what to expect when loved ones enter assisted living, at PeachTree Place Assisted Living, we have some tips when visiting family in a Salt Lake City or Ogden area nursing home. You want to maintain relationships and keep the family involved. We want to help you get the most out of your time together.

Plan Your Visit Ahead Of Time

When visiting your loved one at PeachTree Place Assisted Living in West Haven, we suggest arriving with a plan in mind on how you would like to spend your time. We offer a variety of activities and features for our residents which can be fun to do together. Among these include:

Learn Your Loved One’s Routine

It’s beneficial to learn about your family member’s routine so that you do not visit at a time that may be inconvenient for them. Become familiar with a typical day in your loved one’s shoes. They may have a certain time they eat meals, take naps, or participate in an activity. By contacting our team in advance, we will be able to help you make the most of your visit.

Be Compassionate

Patience and positivity is the key when visiting your family member. Whether they are a new resident in assisted living or have been there for years, living in a nursing home is a transition which may take time. Love them, support them, and listen to them.

Bring Other Family

Bringing your children, close friends and family can be special for both a resident and those visiting. We encourage you to take the time to truly get to know your loved one and listen to the stories and memories they choose to share. This is a great opportunity to create new bonds and memories with little ones.

Bring Something To Share

Bringing items to share with your elder always sparks excitement. Whether it is a story from the local paper that you know they will love, or artwork from your child’s class project, bringing items helps your family member feel involved and connected to your life. We have many who visit family to watch a scheduled sports game on the television since they are dedicated sports fans. No matter the item, your family will surely appreciate it.

A Home Where Family Visits Are Always Welcome

You are always welcomed to visit family at PeachTree Place Assisted Living. It’s not easy living apart from your loved ones who are in a nursing home. Visiting often provides a sense of comfort and happiness for you both, and keeps you involved in each other’s lives. With our variety of activities and features, you will never have a shortage of things to do together. To learn more visit us in West Haven, conveniently located to both Salt Lake City and Ogden.

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