Time For Senior Care

As time goes on, it’s common to start forgetting little things or having physical struggles in your day-to-day life. How do you know when aging in place is still a good option or whether assisted living is a better choice?

Here are four signs it may be time to look into long-term senior care.

  1. Declines In Overall Health
  2. Trouble With Everyday Activities
  3. Multiple Safety Concerns
  4. Excessive Caregiver Stress

1. Declines In Your Senior’s Overall Health

It’s not uncommon for those in need of long-term care to show increasing signs of poor health. You may start to notice excessive weight loss or unexplained bruises. Your loved one might start looking disheveled due to poor personal hygiene.

2. Trouble With Everyday Activities

Bathing, eating, housekeeping, and hygiene are things we have to do every day. When you start to notice the little things piling up, being forgotten, or neglected entirely, it may mean your senior could use some help.

Senior apartments provide the privacy your loved one wants with the help they need with everyday tasks like these.

3. Multiple Safety Concerns Exist

Sometimes long-term care is a matter of senior safety. Leaving burners on, forgetting medications, excessive falls, wandering, or failing to take care of a pet properly are all situations that jeopardize safety. These are signs that it may be time to start discussing long-term care options for an aging loved one.

4. Excessive Caregiver Stress

As needs compound, senior caregivers are often needed 24/7, and burnout is common over time – even with part-time respite care in place. As decline and memory conditions progress, the strain can become too much for anyone.

You’re loved one doesn’t want to be a burden any more than you want to feel like taking care of them is a chore. Full-time assisted living options and long-term care are available to take the load off for both of you.

All-Inclusive Long-Term Senior Care In Utah

Tour PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community to find out what long-term senior care is all about. We are located in West Haven, near Ogden, Utah. We offer private senior apartments, welcome pets, and specialize in dementia and Alzheimer’s care at an all-inclusive price. Call us today to schedule a tour and learn more.

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