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St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to get your loved ones involved in festive activities. From baking some Irish-inspired treats to learning about Irish history and culture, there are plenty of ways for seniors to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year. Here are five fun and meaningful activities to help seniors feel connected, engaged, and entertained on this festive holiday.

  1. Have An Irish Feast
  2. Enjoy Traditional Festivities & Performances
  3. Host A Movie Screening
  4. Make St. Paddy’s Themed Crafts & Decor
  5. Learn About Irish History & Culture

1. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Traditional Dishes

One of the most enjoyable ways of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is by preparing a feast or potluck featuring traditional Irish dishes such as Irish soda bread, trifles, shepherd’s pie, cured salmon, and corned beef with cabbage.

2. Experience Interactive Folk Dancing Or Performance

Organize a dance class to teach seniors traditional Irish slow dances, such as the Quadrille, whether seated or standing. If you want to be more extravagant, consider attending local festivities to listen to traditional tunes and watch dancers perform the jig and reel. Alternatively, find peppy YouTube clips of classic songs and dances, and encourage seniors to sing and clap along to the timeless tunes.

3. Enjoy An Irish Movie Together

Another fun celebration idea is to screen classic Irish films such as “The Quiet Man” and Walt Disney’s “Darby O’Gill and the Little People.” For refreshments, consider serving broccoli and celery sticks, green apple- or lime-flavored lollipops, green velvet cupcakes, and other colorful goodies.

4. Get Creative With St. Paddy’s Themed Crafts & Decor

Have seniors participate in making St. Patrick’s Day decorations such as shamrock ornaments, leprechaun hats, and rainbow-themed items. Celtic knot-tying is another fun idea, especially for seniors who enjoy working with yarn.

5. Take An Educational Dive Into Irish History & Culture

Learn about Irish and Irish-American history, culture, and customs through a presentation, book club discussion, or video. These engaging educational activities can help seniors with Irish ancestry feel closer to their roots. Also, consider reading up on ancient Celtic folklore—after all, who wouldn’t enjoy whimsical stories of druids, fey, and nymphs?

Ask About Our Engaging St. Patrick’s Day Ideas For Seniors

At PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community, we encourage seniors to get in touch with their heritage and culture, no matter where they currently live or where their ancestors are from. Our senior apartments are a great place for residents to make new friends and learn about each other’s respective cultures. Contact us today for additional information about our assisted living community for seniors in Utah and the fun activities we have for various holidays throughout the year.

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