Time For Assisted Living

If you are trying to decide whether you should transition an elderly family member into assisted living, such as PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, we’ve put together six signs to decide whether or not it might be time. In the end, the choice is always up to you.

We want to help you feel more confident and comfortable, whatever route you go to create the best quality of life possible for your loved one.

When To Consider Assisted Living

The decision to transition your family member into a senior apartment is never an easy one. Most older adults are resistant to the idea of leaving the home they have loved and lived in for so many years. Unfortunately, caring for a loved one at home can take both a physical and emotional toll on you as the in-home caregiver.

Here are six signs that it may no longer be safe to take care of your aging parent or grandparent at home.

  1. Your family member is becoming regularly angry, violent, or physically or sexually aggressive.
  2. Your loved one needs a lot of medical care that is increasingly difficult to manage at home.
  3. Memory loss causes your loved one to wander and get lost frequently.
  4. Your loved one is unable to pay their bills and take care of financial obligations.
  5. Safety has become an issue; Falls or other injuries happen frequently.
  6. You are becoming so exhausted or burned out that you cannot care for your loved one properly or without resentment or distress.

The Benefits Of Our Assisted Living Community

PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community specializes in helping seniors live a safe, fulfilling, and active lifestyle. Our senior apartments, caring staff, and peer community offer enough assistance to ensure safety and well being while also providing a degree of independence that may not be achieved at home on their own or in the care of busy family members.

Some of the many amenities and services that we offer include:

See Our Beautiful Assisted Living Apartments In Utah

You don’t have to keep on worrying about senior care for your loved one in West Haven, Ogden, or the Salt Lake City surrounding area. Our compassionate and experienced professionals at PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community are ready to offer all the support your family member needs to live a rich and fulfilling life during their golden years.

Call us now, and make an appointment to tour our beautiful, fully equipped, and inclusive community.

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