Senior Transition To Assisted Living

If you’re ready to begin transitioning a loved one into a senior apartment or assisted living community, we have some advice on how to support them best. Adjusting to this new phase of life can be stressful and upsetting at first. With enough love, support, and independence, you can help your loved one feel comfortable, happy, and at home again.

  • Maintain Consistent Communication – Feelings of abandonment and isolation are one of the main reasons seniors are reluctant to consider assisted living. Frequent visits and calls are great ways of reminding them of your love and support.
  • Encourage Independence – While it’s important to be as supportive as possible, try to avoid being too overprotective or intrusive as this can be counterproductive. Offer reasonable care and attention, but allow your senior some space and privacy to adjust to their new community. The happy medium between being actively involved in your loved one’s life and encouraging independence is different for everyone, so be sure to listen to your loved one’s unique wishes and concerns.
  • Get To Know The Residents & Staff – Familiarizing yourself with the community before and immediately after the move can make the adjustment period less scary and overwhelming for everyone involved. Schedule a family tour and get to know the grounds and the people before relocating to senior living.
  • Participate In Group Activities – Community events and activities are an excellent way to make new friends and stave off loneliness. At PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community, our residents enjoy a wide range of fun social events and club-based activities, including a book club, a gardening club, a writing group, concerts, games, church services, and exercise groups.
  • Spruce Up Your Living Space – If you’re about to make the transition to assisted living, filling your apartment with mementos and keepsakes can help you feel more at home. Furnishing and decorating your space according to your own tastes can make it more homey, uplifting, and nostalgic.
  • Share A Meal – Humans are wired to connect with each other, and bonding over a shared meal is a great way to build friendships and reduce loneliness. Drop by our communal dining hall or ice cream parlor and enjoy some delicious food with friends.

Tour Our Assisted Living Apartments In Utah

At PeachTree Place Assisted Living, we believe community engagement, family connection, and independent living are all essential aspects of senior care. We want to help you make this transition as smooth as possible. Call today and schedule a tour of our Ogden area senior apartments.

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