Senior Dementia Wandering

If your loved one has Alzheimer’s or dementia, wandering situations can be both dangerous and scary. At PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community, near Ogden, UT, we have put together some tips on preventing wandering so you can keep your loved ones safe and gain peace of mind.

Keeping Your Seniors Safe

The challenges that come with mental deterioration don’t eliminate your loved one’s need to live a full life. So, how do you juggle their need for freedom while still maximizing safety?

  • Identify Wandering Triggers & Create Solutions – Often, wandering can be triggered by fear, anxiety, boredom, restlessness, or a physical need (such as hunger or needing to use the bathroom). Addressing these underlying triggers and providing emotional support and comfort to your loved one can help prevent wandering.
  • Install Out-Of-Reach Door Locks & Hide Car Keys – Additionally, you might consider installing window locks, indoor alarms, and steering wheel locks, as long as these devices comply with fire safety regulations.
  • Use Wearable IDs – An medical ID bracelet can make it easier for the police or paramedics to help your loved one in an emergency situation. You could also sew ID labels on all clothing in case he or she gets lost while wandering.
  • Label Interior Doors – Sometimes, a loved one can accidentally wander if they confuse doors leading outside with doors leading to the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen.
  • Use A GPS Tracking Device – A tracking device can help you quickly locate your loved one if he or she gets lost. If your senior doesn’t want to wear a GPS device, you could consider purchasing a pair of shoes with GPS trackers installed in the insoles.
  • Sign Up For A Safe Return Program – Consider enrolling your loved one in the Alzheimer’s Association’s MedicAlert program or your state’s Silver Alert program.
  • Consider Assisted Living Communities – At PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community, our specially trained staff can provide dementia care that matches your loved one’s unique needs. He or she will be able to maintain maximum independence in a private apartment, enjoy community activities and outings, and benefit from a personalized senior care plan.

Luxury Assisted Living Apartments In Utah

If you’re still concerned about the commitment involved with caring for a senior who wanders and are considering assisted living, we are here to help. At PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community, your loved one will enjoy independence, agency, and dignity while having access to the best dementia and Alzheimer’s care. Call today to schedule a tour of our Ogden area senior apartments.

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