Peachtree Assisted Living

Among the outstanding amenities offered by PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community in West Haven, is an on-site library for use by its residents. We encourage learning, and our commitment to providing interesting and stimulating surroundings for your loved ones is evident throughout our community. Having easy access to a library eliminates the need to travel to an outside library facility and is more likely to promote an interest in reading. Residents can either join others who are using the library, or they can take their selected book back to their room for more privacy. They may also want to participate in a discussion group with others who have read the same book, providing a socially enjoyable and interesting experience.

Large Selection Of Books

Unlike many other assisted living facilities, our library has a large selection of books, including both fiction and non-fiction. Our residents can learn a new skill, explore current affairs, re-discover the classics, memorize a poem, or simply enjoy a good novel, all within the comfort and safety of our community. Having a larger selection to choose from enables the reader to pursue his or her particular interests or literary preferences rather than relying entirely on family or friends to supply reading materials.

Benefits Of Reading

Providing reading accessibility is a part of our commitment to the mental exercise needs of our residents. It is crucial to seniors’ mental health to keep learning, since mental functioning in old age has been strongly tied to continuing lifelong education. Reading can be stimulating and engaging, and at the same time relaxing. Reading can help to avoid boredom by involving the mind in an enjoyable hobby and keeping it working. Learning new material has been shown to support memory. Even reading a novel can improve brain function and connectivity, as well as boosting analytical thinking, reducing stress and improving mood. Studies show that older people who read on a regular basis are two and one-half times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Having an on-site library supports our residents in developing a habit of reading consistently and exercising their minds and memory muscles, just as we support their physical exercise, for better over-all well-being. An on-site library is just one of the reasons you can trust PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community to provide the best possible surroundings and accommodations for your loved one. If you are weighing different options for a solution to your senior’s care, contact us today for a tour of our facility.

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