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At PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community in Ogden and West Haven, UT, we would like to dispel some of the most common myths about assisted living. Many seniors and their families are faced with making the decision to move from their own home to a senior apartment, retirement home, or nursing home. However, there are many misconceptions about assisted living centers that may cause unnecessary worry. Some of these myths include:

  • Loss Of Independence
  • Loneliness, Isolation, And Depression
  • Bad Food
  • No Pets
  • Loss Of Social Activities
  • No Church Services
  • Loss Of Favorite Hobbies


The independent living facilities at PeachTree Place allow seniors to live independently in a community of their peers. Our senior apartments include kitchenettes so you can still fix your favorite meals when you want to. They also include walk-in showers and closets for extra safety. All residences come with satellite TV. We have 24/7 support available when daily activities become a little challenging.

Community, Family & Joy

As seniors lose mobility, they often suffer from loneliness, isolation, and depression. Living in a community of other seniors provides instant friends and opportunities to socialize that may have been difficult while still living at home. PeachTree Place includes housekeeping and laundry services so you can use your energy to do things that you enjoy. We have a beauty salon, a library, and an ice cream parlor so you can continue to do the things you have always loved.

Social Activities

Many seniors fear that moving into an assisted living community will mean the loss of social activities. Living here is more like living in a resort. On-site we have exercise facilities, arts and crafts, and many social clubs. Our residents go on daily outings to movies, shopping, Bear Lake, and even picnics.

Favorite Hobbies

We work hard to provide an environment with both mental and physical stimulation. This includes the opportunity to enjoy your favorite hobbies like gardening, crochet, and book clubs. You can play board games, bingo, or put together puzzles.

Weekly Church Services

Church services are very important to many seniors. we provide a weekly LDS Sacrament service that is open to LDS church members as well as members of other faiths. This service consists of hymns, prayers, the sacrament, and uplifting talks. Family members are welcome to attend.

Great Healthful Food

We take pride in the variety of food that we serve our residents. We have a nutritionist on staff to make sure our meals and snacks provide the nutrients they need to stay healthy. We also offer diabetic, vegan, vegetarian, and other meals for those with special needs. We serve three delicious meals a day as well as snacks.

Pets Allowed

If you are able to care for your pet, and your pet does not pose a danger to our residents, you can bring your pet with you. We recognize the many benefits that a having a pet provides, such as a reduction of stress, increased activity, and a prolonged life span. Make that special member of your family a part of ours.

Debunking Assisted Living Myths In West Haven

If you are looking for assisted living in West Haven, UT or the Ogden area, PeachTree Place would love to welcome you to the family. Contact us with any other questions you may have today.

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