Peachtree Assisted Living

PeachTree Place Assisted Living offers outstanding long-term senior care near Ogden, UT, and the Salt Lake City Metro area. Caring for an elderly loved one can take a toll on a family, especially for those working full-time jobs. Trying to find the time and resources to care for senior family members at home can be very difficult.

Our Utah assisted living community offers professional, long-term care with all the amenities you could want for your loved one.

  • 24/7 Care By Specialized Staff
  • Everyday Caregiving & Great Amenities
  • Opportunities For Activity & Socializing
  • Fast, Attentive Care During Emergencies

Attention Around The Clock

When it comes to choosing long-term solutions for a family member, you want to know that they are going to receive around-the-clock attention. Whether it is assistance to and from the shower or special care for those suffering from dementia or memory loss, we can help with 24-hour senior nursing care.

Long-Term Senior Care Amenities

We provide a wide range of services to assist your loved ones in order to make life easier and more comfortable, even when it comes to the “little things”. When you choose us as your long-term senior care solution, you can rest assured that your elderly family members are going to be treated with dignity.

Long Term Care

First-Rate Activities & Amenities

Once your loved one walks through our front doors, they become a member of our family too. In addition to ensuring that your loved ones receive the personal attention they need, we offer regular entertainment and outings.

We also provide a beauty salonreligious services, an ice cream parlor, and an on-site library. So, whatever your senior loved one enjoys, fun activities are never very far. We also offer pet-friendly apartments. So, even when you can’t be there, comfort can always be just a pat, snuggle, or hug away.

Emergency & On-Call Services

No one knows like a caregiver how quickly a slip, trip, or fall can occur, or how quickly confusion and upset can set in. You can rest assured that your loved ones are in good hands in the event of an emergency. We ensure that a quick response and attentive staff members are always available to respond to needs big and small.

Long Term Senior Care In Utah

If the elders in your family need long-term care in the Ogden or West Haven areas, please give PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community a call today. We look forward to answering any questions you have.

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