Ice Cream Parlor

What Is Your Favorite Flavor?

At PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community, we are proud to provide our residents and guests access to our Ice Cream Parlor for a special treat. Whether you are bringing the grandkids for a visit or enjoying a social hour with friends over ice cream, we are sure you will have a great time creating new memories. Let the nostalgia begin with an old-fashioned ice cream cone. We have many flavors to choose from as well as soft serve, and an ice-cream topping station so you can create any combination of special treats.

Ice Cream Parlor Memories

Peachtree PlaceWhatever your favorite ice cream flavor; you can now make new memories with your family members and new friends here at PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community. Ice cream brings a happy nostalgic feeling back of the good old days. Ice cream is also known to provide a mild relaxing and calming effect. We are pleased to share this family-friendly treat with you and your guests. Even though ice cream is known to be a summer treat, we provide the tasty, cool desert all year round. You, your family members or new friends at PeachTree can enjoy the ice cream of your choice in our ice cream parlor or take it outside and enjoy your cold treat under the warm summer sun.

The History Of Ice Cream

Ice Cream ScuptureThe history of ice cream goes back to the Roman Empire starting off with flavored ice. China then brought the cream to ice cream, bringing it to Europe, where the Europeans evolved ice cream creating ice cream courts. When ice cream was brought to America, new technology made it easier to make ice cream resulting in an endless number of flavors. Soon ice cream parlors took over creating summertime memories, and it has remained that way ever since.

Visit Our Ice Cream Parlor

If you are planning a visit to your loved one at Peach Tree, we highly encourage you to make a stop at our ice cream parlor. You will not be disappointed and with any luck, great summertime memories will come rushing back. The ice cream parlor is a sure bet to spread a little joy and happiness. Call for a visit today.

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