Peachtree Assisted Living

PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community in West Haven, Utah takes assisted living to a greater level of care through our personal hygiene assistance services.  We offer bathing assistance, dressing and grooming assistance, in addition to our onsite beauty salon and foot care clinic. It’s a proven fact that we feel better when we look better and the effects of aging can sometimes make basic personal hygiene tasks challenging.

Full & Partial Hygiene Assistance

We want our residents to maintain their feeling of dignity, so personal hygiene schedules are part of our routine care rather than being offered or forced upon a resident when a need arises. Those capable of caring for themselves, can and do, and we offer whatever support they need through the process. Those in need of full bathing assistance or just transfer to and from the bath or shower, receive the assistance they need to maintain their own personal hygiene routine.

Grooming & Dressing

We want all of our residents to live a happy and active life while staying with us. We offer many activities for our residents, but we understand the task of simply getting dressed and fixing our hair can be a challenge for some of our residents and often prevents people from wanting to participate in activities if they don’t feel they can make themselves look presentable. We are aware of these needs without our residents having to ask. We ask our residents what activities they plan to attend or what meals they’re eating with their friends in the dining hall and then offer to help them get dressed, fix their hair and provide the grooming essentials – tooth brushing, face cleaning, nail washing, so they can feel their best and be ready to head to their next activity feeling good about themselves. This is the dignified approach and the assistance we pride ourselves in at PeachTree Assisted Living Community.

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