Prepare Pet Assisted Living

At Peach-Tree Place Assisted Living Community in Ogden, UT, we want our newest residents and their pets to be comfortable adjusting to their new residence. We understand that moving to a new home can be difficult for anyone—including pets. There are several steps you can take to make the transition as smooth as possible for your furry friend.

4 Tips To Make Your Senior Living Apartment Pet-Friendly

  • Bring your pet’s favorite toys, pillows, and blanket.
  • Take a tour of your new neighborhood before the move.
  • Maintain a consistent routine.
  • Give your furry friend lots of extra cuddles.

1. Pack A Few Of Your Pet’s Favorites

Dogs and cats often find immense comfort in familiar objects. It is to bring their favorite toys, blankets, or, pillows. Doing so can be very stressful and somewhat traumatic for your furry friend. Be sure to make space for their favorite comfort objects and keep these objects nearby whenever possible.

2. Tour The Neighborhood First

At PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community, we offer neighborhood tours for our future residents. Give us a call to find out whether you might be able to bring your furry friend on a walk through our neighborhood. This way, they can get familiar with some of the sights, smells, and sounds of their future home.

3. Create a Daily Routine

Many pets find comfort in having a reliable daily routine. Make the process of moving  into your senior residence less stressful for your furry friend just by staying consistent. Try to feed your pet at the same time of day, take them on walks, and follow the same pet care schedule you followed at your old place of residence.

4. Show Your Pet Extra Love

One of the best ways to calm your pet down and make moving less stressful is to simply be more attentive and affectionate. If your pet is extra cuddly, be sure to keep him or her close to you whenever possible. Be sure to provide lots of kisses, snuggles, and ear scratches during the first couple of weeks in your new home.

Pet-Friendly Assisted Living Apartments In Utah

The transition to senior living can be understandably stressful but by taking a few extra steps, you can keep your pet as happy as possible. That’s why PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community strives to be a friendly, warm, and welcoming place for our human, canine, and feline friends alike. Contact us today to find out more about our policies regarding pets.

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