Laundry Services

PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community is a wonderful place for those in need of assisted living. Some of the benefits to living at PeachTree include our clean facility, caring professional staff, housekeeping service, laundry service, and a variety of other helpful amenities available to our residents. At PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community, we go above and beyond to provide a positive and caring environment for all of our residents to enjoy. PeachTree is proud to serve West Haven, Ogden and surrounding areas.

Housekeeping & Laundry Services

PeachTree Assisted Living Community provides excellent housekeeping and laundry services for our residents. Laundry service is tremendously helpful for residents who are unable to do their own laundry. This is a benefit that is very enjoyable to our residents as it removes the burden of doing a task that may be difficult to many in their later years. Our housekeeping service is another amenity that is incredibly helpful to residents at PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community. Our professional housekeeping staff ensures that the living areas of our residents remain clean, tidy and safe from dust, germs and bacteria that can build up overtime if not addressed.

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