Senior Coping With Wheelchair

PeachTree Place Assisted Living is the place to go when seniors in the Salt Lake or Ogden area are coping with wheelchairs and disability. Getting older can be tough at times, and it becomes more challenging with the loss of mobility. We are committed to providing quality care in a wheelchair accessible environment.

Coping With Physical Limitations

Good health and mobility are things we often take for granted until we lose them. Losing mobility can bring on feelings of sadness, anger, fear, and even grief. This is natural and understandable. Give yourself time to grieve and be OK with feeling these negative emotions.

It’s important to talk to a friend, family member, or counselor about your feelings. It’s easy to get depressed and discouraged. Having support will help you move through the grieving process and find joy and satisfaction in life again.

Living A Fulfilling Life

Whether you are adjusting to life in a wheelchair or are coping with other physical limitations, it is possible to live a productive, satisfying, and even happy life, despite your challenges. Here are some tips:

  • Accept your disability and work with it.
  • Join a support group.
  • Find inspiring stories from those who have thrived, despite their physical limitations.
  • Don’t dwell on what you can’t do. Find creative ways to do things.
  • Make use of adaptive tools and technology.
  • Find ways to serve.
  • Develop new hobbies.

A Home That Empowers

If your loved one is struggling with the challenges of a disability, it’s important to empower them with an environment that fosters independence. Whether you make modifications to your current home or are looking for an assisted living environment which is already designed for wheelchair accessibility, your loved one will feel happier in a home where they can exercise independence.

We have designed our apartments to support independence. With our caring staff, activities, and amenities, our assisted living facility creates a meaningful, community lifestyle as well for those coping with wheelchairs and disability.

Quality Care And Independent Living

If you’re looking for a home where you or your loved one can thrive, despite disability, PeachTree Place Assisted Living is the place to be. Call us today to schedule a visit at our West Haven facility, convenient both to the Ogden and Salt Lake City, UT areas. Our friendly staff looks forward to speaking with you.

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