Senior Medication Errors

With almost half of seniors over the age of 65 taking prescription medications, PeachTree Place Assisted Living in Salt Lake City knows that proper medication monitoring can mean the difference between life and death. Mistakes with medication have become all too common, but there are pitfalls that can be avoided with caution and accuracy.

An Increasing Problem

Medication errors have been on the rise, but the health of your loved ones does not have to suffer. You should be aware of some of the most common mistakes with medication, such as:

  • Confusing medications with similar names.
  • Taking the wrong dosage (too much or too little).
  • Taking at the wrong time of day.
  • Incorrect application method.
  • Contraindicated with other prescriptions.

The Pharmacist Is Your Friend

One of the wisest decisions anyone can make when it comes to accurately managing medication is to have all of your prescriptions come from one pharmacy. The records of your past and current medications will be more accurate when each medicine is dispensed from one location. Red flags with contraindicated medications will be easier to spot, and you can build a relationship with the pharmacist. One of the benefits of assisted living is knowing your medication is passing through one distribution point, with people committed to your care.

Ask Questions

Ask questions from the top down – starting with your physician. Make sure prescriptions are written legibly, and that you understand what condition the medication is being prescribed for, how much the dosage should be, and how the medicine should be taken. Keep a log of your medications handy in a journal so you can ask important questions about what you’ve been prescribed; write down the answers so you don’t forget. Knowledge is power. Senior living facilities will help you keep track of your medication and an accurate log of when they are taken, and any symptoms they may have caused.

Gather Health Allies

Ask family or trusted friends to help you track medications. Others may notice potential side-effects more easily. Ask them to note any abnormalities in your journal or mention them to your health care providers. With so many senior medications being prescribed these days, tracking how the medications affect you, and if they are properly taken, can be daunting. When you enlist others to provide medication assistance, you are adding an extra layer of protection against errors.

Senior Health is Our Priority

Your health matters to us. At PeachTree Place Assisted Living, we are committed to providing a worry-free and quality environment for seniors. The twilight years of your life should be some of your best. Find out why we are the gold standard in senior assisted living.

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