Benefits Of Music Therapy For Seniors

A particularly touching instrumental track or powerful song lyrics can help nearly anyone feel physically and emotionally better. Thus, it is no surprise that music therapy can help seniors maintain their physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being while navigating the challenges and complexities of aging.

Why Music Therapy Is Great For Seniors

Some of the wonderful aspects of music therapy are that it’s non-invasive, highly customizable, and enjoyable. This makes it ideal for seniors who don’t feel comfortable with traditional psychotherapy or distrust traditional “white coat” medical professionals.

Moreover, this type of therapy tends to be very laid back and recreational while offering many psychological and social benefits. It gives your loved one opportunities to create, listen to, and discuss their favorite melodies in numerous ways to help them feel more fulfilled and achieve their therapeutic goals.

Benefits Of Music For Seniors

  • Boosts Mood
  • Reduces Stress & Boredom
  • May Reduce Anxiety & Depression
  • May Slow Down Cognitive Decline
  • Provides A Creative Outlet
  • Encourages Socialization

What Does This Type Of Therapy Entail?

There are different types of music therapy, both active and receptive. Active therapies encourage your loved one to play instruments or sing, whereas receptive ones involve listening and responding to songs through clapping, swaying, dancing, or chanting. The ideal therapy for your loved one will depend on their needs and preferences.

How Music Can Be Therapeutic—Even Without A Therapist!

A trained therapist can work with your loved one to develop a personalized, enjoyable treatment plan that meets their needs, but you can still reap some of the benefits outside of a clinical setting.

Many neuroscientists recognize that listening to—and especially playing—music activates elaborate networks between different areas of the brain, promoting neuroplasticity, memory, and preservation of motor skills. Thus, listening to tunes recreationally, playing an instrument, or attending concerts can still be beneficial, even if it’s not part of a particular therapy plan.

Musical Involvement In Our Assisted Living Community

Although we don’t offer music therapy directly, we understand the importance of music and encourage our residents to engage with it meaningfully. Our residents enjoy concerts and in-house musical events that promote cognitive and emotional health.

Find Senior Care For The Mind, Body, & Spirit

We at PeachTree Place Assisted Living understand that music helps seniors in many ways, from improving their mood and reducing stress to enhancing cognitive function and promoting socialization.

If your loved one is preparing to transition into senior living, consider exploring the benefits of this type of therapy and see how it can improve their emotional wellness and overall quality of life. For more information on our musical events, contact us today and schedule a tour of our friendly Utah neighborhood.

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