Afford Assisted Living Utah

PeachTree Place Assisted Living wants to help Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah seniors thrive, and that includes making sure they can afford the senior care they need. Many seniors believe that assisted living communities are essentially free — that Social Security and savings accounts will cover everything.

The truth is that they usually dont. We’re here to shed a little more light on the costs of assisted living so you can plan and prepare effectively.

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard

When faced with finding an assisted living senior community, many seniors have to scramble to make up the difference in costs from insurance policies, home sales, and contributions from relatives. This can add unnecessary stress on top of the move itself.

The best time to start planning for life in a great senior apartment near relatives in the Salt Lake City area is now. The sooner you have a plan in place, the easier the process will be when it’s time to transition.

Where To Find Money

When it comes to paying for senior care, you have several options outside of Social Security and your bank account. We understand that it can be hard to navigate through them all and find the best solution for you without guidance.

Contact us to learn more about the financial assistance programs available at PeachTree Place Assisted Living and get advice on whether you qualify for them. Scheduling an appointment with your banker, insurance agent, or estate planner can also help you and your family determine which options you should pursue.

  • Withdraw or borrow from the cash value of a life insurance policy.
  • Take out a home loan.
  • Set up a reverse mortgage.
  • You may be able to write off the costs at tax time.
  • Veterans and their spouses may qualify for VA assistance programs.
  • Utah Medicaid recipients may be eligible for the New Choices Waiver Program from the Utah Department of Health.

Assisted Living Vs. Aging In Place

Some seniors are over-confident in how long Social Security and their savings will last. Others worry that senior care in an assisted living community will be outrageously expensive.

The cost of living in senior communities is often compared to maintaining your current home. In some cases, however, moving into a senior community may be cheaper than aging in place since remodeling your house to fit your changing needs will cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over time.

Cost-Saving Benefits Of Choosing A Senior Community

Remember, staying home to keep the value in your house won’t help you pay for health care and emergency services when you need it, hobbies and enrichment activities, nor a community with lots of potential new friends.

Our senior apartments provide residents with all of those things — as well as a safe, comfortable place to call home — for one all-inclusive price. If you already own a house or have other income, you may find that, once you do the math, affording assisted living is easier than you think.

Take A Tour In West Haven Today

If your considering assisted living apartments in Utah, don’t forget to visit us at PeachTree Place Assisted Living. Contact us today to schedule your tour. Our staff would be happy to show you around our community and answer any questions you have.

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