Senior Decorating Tips

A new space to personalize can be so exciting. Are you ready to make your senior apartment all about you? At PeachTree Place Assisted Living in the West Haven area of Salt Lake, we’ve put together 15 tips on making your new place look and feel more like home.

  • 1. Create A Memorabilia Display
  • 2. Increase Light & Space With Mirrors
  • 3. Hang Family Photos & Art
  • 4. Downsize Furniture. Make Room For Friends.
  • 5. Keep Essential Easy To Reach
  • 6. Bring What You Love. Leave The Clutter.
  • 7. Customize With Paint
  • 8. Add A Houseplant
  • 9. Bring Your Favorite Games & Hobbies
  • 10. Display Your Crafts
  • 11. Have Multiple Light Sources
  • 12. Create A Cozy Pet Corner
  • 13. Maximize Cabinet & Closet Storage
  • 14. Establish Wide Pathways For Visitors
  • 15. Bring Your Pet

Bright & Airy Assisted Living Apartments

Our residents have the freedom to paint their private senior apartments any color. We recommend choosing a bright color to open up your space and lift the mood of anyone you have over. Hanging a few mirrors can also increase the feeling of spaciousness in your rooms.

Making Room For Everyone

When setting up your furniture, create wide paths so that you or your friends can get around your apartment with wheelchairs and walkers safely and comfortably. Curved furniture is also a safer option for those who are prone to fall.

The smaller the furniture, the better. FIll your room with fun, not furniture.

Family Photos & Art You Love

Wall space is a perfect place to make your senior apartment truly all about you. Hang family photos and your favorite art pieces. Painting is a fun hobby to do on your own and with friends. Why not fill the walls with your own artwork?

You can use art to make your assisted living apartment feel elegant and comforting or bright and full of pops of color. Displaying your favorite photographs and art is a great way to express yourself, start a conversation, and make new friends.

A Chance To Leave The Clutter Behind

Incorporate shelves and cubbies where you can store items out of the way. Storage doesn’t have to look drab or utilitarian. An example of multi-purpose furniture includes storage ottomans.

This is your chance to bring only the things you love and place them in areas that are easy to access and find. You can even spiff up regular pieces of storage furniture to make them more you. Change out drawer pulls or choose storage cubes in a variety of colors.

Bring Your Furry Friends

We encourage you to bring your well-mannered pet to live with you in your new apartment. Nothing makes a space homier than a wagging tail or purr of contentment. Don’t forget to include your fur babies in the move.

A Salt Lake Assisted Living Apartment That’s All About You

We want to make your time at PeachTree Place Assisted Living as joyful and comfortable as possible. Schedule an appointment in West Haven today to see our private senior apartments and learn more about the benefits of being part of an assisted living community.

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