Senior Housing Options Salt Lake

We know that there are many senior housing options in the Salt Lake City area that are available to families and their loved ones. PeachTree Place Assisted Living is Salt Lake City’s premier assisted living facility with an excellent list of amenities, as well as a high staff to resident ratio. Choosing the right fit for yourself, or a loved one, comes down to education and reviewing all of the available options.

A Variety of Opportunities

Senior living is not what it used to be. Today there are many options and price points to meet the unique needs of each family. When deciding on the right kind of senior living situation, it’s important to know what housing and assistance opportunities are available as well as meeting your health and care needs. Today, a few options you can choose from would include:

  • 55+ apartments and communities
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Retirement homes/communities
  • Living with a relative

55+ and Retirement Communities

For those who want to live near peers, and are fully independent, 55+ communities and retirement communities are excellent options. These housing choices provide total independence and are not a change in any way. There may be social activities geared for seniors and retirees, and there are no families with young children living in the community. If you or your loved one are in good health, this might be a smart move.

Assisted Living Or Nursing Homes

Assisted living facilities are a good fit for seniors who need some help with day-to-day activities but still maintain a lot of their independence. Often, assisted living facilities are senior apartments, with staff that provides services, such as cooking or assistance with bathing. Nursing homes, on the other hand, are better suited to seniors who require more intensive care to meet their daily needs, usually requiring at least two staff members to help with all basic needs. Both options provide some level of medical care, and a variety of social activities, depending on what is required or appropriate.

Living with a Relative

Many families feel strongly about providing shelter and care for their senior loved ones themselves. There is no right or wrong answer to choosing how to care for your loved ones, as long as health and safety are your top priorities. If money and time allow for in-home senior living, it’s a beautiful option. However, not all families can provide this, and that’s why there are so many other excellent choices.

Ready to Make a Decision?

PeachTree Place Assisted Living provides senior living options in the Salt Lake City Area. We offer first-rate assisted living care with excellent staff and high-value amenities. If you feel assisted living might be the right choice for you or your loved one, or if you have questions about our care and services, please contact us today. Whatever decision you make, we want you to know there is information available, and you don’t have to make it alone.

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