PeachTree Assisted Living

Types Of Outings

Outings include trips to go shopping at stores and malls, trips to Bear Lake, trips to restaurants, traveling to movie theaters, fishing trips, picnics and more! It’s a great way for the residents to travel safely as a group outside the community to fun destinations with the guidance of PeachTree staff members.

Shopping Trips

Outings help make seniors more active and help them to enjoy their stay at PeachTree. Shopping trips allow seniors to find special items for Christmas gifts and birthday presents, and allows them to opportunity to buy needed personal items from a specific store. Outings to movie theaters let residents see the latest movies.

Outdoor Trips

Fishing OutingOutdoor vacations such as trips to Bear Lake, fishing trips and picnics give them a chance to enjoy time outdoors in beautiful, natural settings. The activity bus will have planned trips to these destinations on a regular basis. The bus will load up residents who want to take a trip that day and let them spend the day doing the activity of their choice. In the evening, the activity bus will load the passengers back on the bus and make sure they all safely arrive back at PeachTree. Our restaurant trips are an excellent way for PeachTree residents to have a meal away from home and enjoy a fun, new atmosphere. A group of residents will be taken to an agreed upon restaurant and then get a chance to enjoy a delicious meal and have some fun.

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