PeachTree Assisted Living

Part of Peach Tree Place Assisted Living Community mission to serve families in the West Haven, Ogden, and surrounding areas, includes providing your senior loved one with the opportunity to attend LDS Church Worship Services.

LDS Sacrament Meeting

We have over 10 years of experience providing a safe and home-like caring environment to the aging family members of northern Utah, and understand the importance of having opportunities to continue the faith practices held dear to our Latter Day Saint senior community. Our commitment to a home-like nourishing assisted living environment would not be complete without this opportunity for spiritual comfort and growth. Sunday sacrament meetings welcome not only our Mormon residents, but also their family members and our brothers and sisters in Christ of other faiths. Members of the Catholic church, other Christian faiths, and any others interested in spiritual communion and growth with their peers will find a friendly and welcoming seat at LDS church worship services. At Peach Tree Place, we understand that assisting in the maintenance of our residents’ health in a holistic way also includes providing a convenient way to maintain this invaluable space for spiritual fellowship and faith.

What Is Sacrament Meeting?

Peach Tree Place Assisted Living Community Sunday sacrament meeting consists of worship hymns, prayer, the partaking of the sacrament (similar to taking communion in other faiths), and talks prepared to uplift and nourish the spirit. Our residents each can partake of bread and water carefully and respectfully prepared and blessed by priesthood holders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In fact, you’ll find it just as you would in your West Haven, Ogden, and surrounding area home wards. This practice is completely optional to our non-Mormon friends of other faiths. We provide combined opportunities to sing soulfully, listen to stories of hope and comfort, participate in the peace of prayer and the taking of the sacrament. It is our mission to allow residents to stay connected to their faith practices and foster a feeling of fellowship as a senior assisted living community. If you are a Northern Utah family looking for a helping hand with senior care and would love to find assisted living with a community of peers to provide thoughtful amenities like LDS worship services for your aging family member, then we invite you to call Peach Tree Place Assisted Living Community today!

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